Mother’s Day Sweets to Treat Her

Mother’s Day is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than create something as sweet as her!

Grasshopper Bars


Click here for recipe.

Maple Bacon Pecan Sticky Buns


Click here for recipe.

Double Chocolate Mocha Mousse


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Pink Lemon Donuts


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Ice Cream Bomb


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Side Dishes to Rock Thanksgiving

Here are 5 stellar side dishes that are sure to be to die for at any holiday feast.

Rosemary-Pecan Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Get the recipe here.

Carmaelized Onion and Rye Stuffing

Get the recipe here.

Skillet Cornbread

get the recipe here.

Green Bean Casserole w/Fried Shallots

Get the recipe here.

Cranberry Sauce w/Orange

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Summer Refreshments

Start summer off right with these refreshing summer drinks!  Whether you are throwing the summer bash of the year or relaxing in your backyard, these drinks will be sure to quench your thirst.


Tequila Sunrise Margarita

tequila sunrise

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Sweet Tea Sangria

sweet tea sangria

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Layered Lemonade Drops

layered lemonade drops

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Pina Colada Sangria

pina colada sangria

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Bellini Moonshiners

bellini moonshiners

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Things to Do with Fat Quarters

Ever wonder that you could do with a Dunroven House Fat Quarter Bundle?

Well we are here to show you a few great craft ideas that you can do.


1. Quilts

The obvious idea.  Doesn’t mean it can’t be a great project to keep you warm in the up coming months!

2. Layered Baby Girl Dress

Think of all the patterns and color combos you could create for your little one or grandchild? (Me So Crazy)


3. Wallets

No need to purchase any expensive wallet when you can create your ideal one here. (Midwestern Girl)


4. Head Bands

Hello, no brainer.   Who doesn’t need one of these cute things?! (Happy Together)headbands-222x300

5. Camera Strap

A cute and fun way to make sure you never drop that expensive purchase. (Moda Bake Shop)



Be sure to share your designs and ideas with us through Social Media!

Upholstery Fabric Abrasion Rubs

When shopping for the prefect fabric, “abrasion” or “double rubs” is just one of the many factors that upholsters and designers must consider.  Over the past several years, there seems to be some confusion regarding these numbers and what is necessary for upholstery applications.

Recently, manufacturers have begun performing extreme abrasion tests, specifying results of 100,000+ double rubs.  As a result, consumers have started to assume that anything less is no longer considered durable enough.

This is just not true!  In actuality, fabric that meets 15,000 double rubs is more than sufficient for residential upholstery.  Furniture with light use such as accent chairs, can even go as low as 9,000 double rubs without any wearing issues.

According to industry standards, numbers higher than 35,000 double rubs are not meaningfully significant in providing additional value in terms of commercial use.  In fact, most manufacturers stop the abrasion test once the fabric has surpassed 35,000 double rubs.  They see no reason to continue testing beyond this point.

In regard to double rubs, consider the application and the following guidelines:

Light Use: 9,000-11,000

Medium Use: 12,000-15,000

Heavy Use: 15,000+

Purchase fabrics that aesthetically appeal to you.  It’s more likely that the style of fabric will wear on you before the actual fibers do.

The more you know.


Key terms:

double rub: a measurement of a fabric’s abrasion resistance.  They are found through a mechanized test called Wyzenbeek Test.

Wyzenbeek Test: Mechanized testing of fabric in which the fabric is pulled tight over a frame and then rubbed back and forth using a cotton fabric.  Each back and forth motion is called a “double rub” and is counted until either two yarns break or there is noticeable wear evident.

Light Use:  Accent chairs, accent pillows, curtains, chair cushions with light use.

Medium Use: Furniture used is living and family rooms.

Heavy Use: Usually a stiffer and thicker fabric.  A piece that would have heavy traffic or a commercial use.


Easy Summer Towel Craft

Looking for an easy, no fuss towel craft this summer?    Whether you want a relaxing craft for yourself or a great craft for the kiddos, these summer scene applique towel sets are sure to meet your needs.


  • Two sided adhesive paper 1110
  • Your choice of Dunroven House bright mini check towels (we used K315 in Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, and Turquoise)
  • Your choice of Dunroven House solid color K310 towels (We Used K310-TUR)
  • Scissors, or a nifty cutting tool
  • Scrap paper

Step One:download

Decide what images you would like to create.  We chose a sail boat, sun, and flower.
The sky is the limit here, whatever you think would be fun to do!

Step Two:8

Draw it out and make templates.  Have fun with it.  Don’t fret if it’s not exact, we aren’t da Vinci after all.  It may not look perfect, but it’s supposed to be fun right?!



Step Three: 57

Peel one side of the double sided adhesive paper and apply it to the first towel you would like to cut out. Then trace your template onto the paper side of the adhesive paper.  Repeat with all your template patterns.

Step Four: 2

Cut out all your pieces and arrange on your towel for placement.




Step Five: 1

Carefully peel back the remaining paper backing and stick in place.



And you’re Done!  Share your creations with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!


2016 Pantone Colors: How They Fit in Your Home

As many of you probably said when the 2016 Pantone Colors were released, “How will that fit in my home?  Better luck next year.”.  

That does not have to be the case for 2016.  Serenity and Rose Quartz are two very unique colors, with their own correlating color palettes.  While many articles suggest how to pair the two together, we are going to look at how they can be individually incorporated within your existing home colors.


There could be some debate if this color is in the blue or the purple family.  We choose to stay out of the debate and determine the color based on what you pair it with.

serenity pairing one

Serenity could add a light touch to an otherwise neutral palette.  Consider a few throw pillows or a blanket in your living room.

serenity pairing two

The above color palette shows serenity pulling it’s blue tones rather than purple.  This color combo is ideal for french country, cottage, or even a beach vibe.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz typically would be thought of as a soft color; appropriate for any little girl’s room.  However, don’t let this color fool you.  It pairs excellent with a more vibrant color combo.

rose quat 4

rose quar 2

There is nothing like a pop of teal or orchid colors to really spark the life into Rose Quartz.  Whether you go for a bohemian vibe with the first pairings or if you like the modern wow factor of orchid, it is sure to lively up your space.

Take a look at the image gallery below to see how others are pairing these colors in to their homes this year!

Count on Dunroven House for the newest updates and trends in Home Decor.  Share with us on social media your 2016 Pantone colors of the year!

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Super Bowl Snacks: Be The Winner

Be sure to be the stand out cook this year!

Here are 5 tasty treats anyone will envy at this year’s 2016 Super Bowl parties.

image: BuzzFeed

Get recipe now Click here


Potato Skins


Get recipe now click here

Queso in a Bread Bowl

image: Buzzfeed

Get recipe now click here

Chile-Garlic Chicken Wings

image: Food and Wine

Get recipe now click here

Green Bean Fries

image: Food Network

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Valentine’s Day Heart Apron

Why not create a fun and cute apron to wear when baking those Valentine’s Day Sweets?!  Scroll below for a quick and easy tutorial on how to make this apron out of Dunroven House tea towels!


Materials Needed:materials

  • 1 – Dunroven House Solid Tea Towel for the body
  • 1-2 Dunroven House Patterned Tea Towels for the body and embellishments
  • DMC Embroidery Thread to match your color choice
  • Fabric Glue (for a no sew option)
  • Ribbon or twill tape for ties (we used Dunroven House Cotton Twill tape in white)


Step One:

Lay out the towel of choice for body.  Fold in the top two corners and pin down.  This will be the top of the apron, or bib.

Measure out the ribbon for your neck loop. (our loop measures 16″ long)

Sew down flap and ends of ribbon  for the neck loop.

Measure, cut and sew ribbon for back ties. (our ties measure 30″ each)


Step Two:poket bottom

Take the tea towel of choice for the pocket and measure to the size and type of pocket you wish to have. (we measured 17″ W x 7″ H)

Cut and sew the sides and bottom.  If you choose to have a wide two pocket panel across the bottom, sew a seam down the middle.


Step Three:glued on patch

Take the towel meant for your heart appliques and cut out the sizes and shapes you wish to use.
*Suggested Tip- Use paper templates before you cut.

You can use fabric glue or sew in the hearts depending on your level of expertise.


Step Four:finished blk st

Blanket stitch the hearts on your apron front




Step Five (optional):embr

Embroider or applique on your name to personalize!