Things to Do with Fat Quarters

Ever wonder that you could do with a Dunroven House Fat Quarter Bundle?

Well we are here to show you a few great craft ideas that you can do.


1. Quilts

The obvious idea.  Doesn’t mean it can’t be a great project to keep you warm in the up coming months!

2. Layered Baby Girl Dress

Think of all the patterns and color combos you could create for your little one or grandchild? (Me So Crazy)


3. Wallets

No need to purchase any expensive wallet when you can create your ideal one here. (Midwestern Girl)


4. Head Bands

Hello, no brainer.   Who doesn’t need one of these cute things?! (Happy Together)headbands-222x300

5. Camera Strap

A cute and fun way to make sure you never drop that expensive purchase. (Moda Bake Shop)



Be sure to share your designs and ideas with us through Social Media!

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