Easy Summer Towel Craft

Looking for an easy, no fuss towel craft this summer?    Whether you want a relaxing craft for yourself or a great craft for the kiddos, these summer scene applique towel sets are sure to meet your needs.


  • Two sided adhesive paper 1110
  • Your choice of Dunroven House bright mini check towels (we used K315 in Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, and Turquoise)
  • Your choice of Dunroven House solid color K310 towels (We Used K310-TUR)
  • Scissors, or a nifty cutting tool
  • Scrap paper

Step One:download

Decide what images you would like to create.  We chose a sail boat, sun, and flower.
The sky is the limit here, whatever you think would be fun to do!

Step Two:8

Draw it out and make templates.  Have fun with it.  Don’t fret if it’s not exact, we aren’t da Vinci after all.  It may not look perfect, but it’s supposed to be fun right?!



Step Three: 57

Peel one side of the double sided adhesive paper and apply it to the first towel you would like to cut out. Then trace your template onto the paper side of the adhesive paper.  Repeat with all your template patterns.

Step Four: 2

Cut out all your pieces and arrange on your towel for placement.




Step Five: 1

Carefully peel back the remaining paper backing and stick in place.



And you’re Done!  Share your creations with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!



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